• Vastu-scientific analysis of the current bad effects in structure
  • Online report will be provided on a fixed cost and within given timelines
  • No structural changes or replacement in given premises
  • Results based on natural law compliance
  • Applied techniques with color-symbol therapy, crystal-pyramid therapy
  • Email service for registered user
  • Indentify the weak & unbalanced area
  • Balance each zone and directions in given structure
  • world-known amplifier & enhancer technique to be used in vastuaudit
  • changes will be reflected within 180 days after vastuaudit techniques applied
  • unique remedies for corporates, firms.
  • It works everywhere based on true north & magnetic north directions
  • Vastu puja is sufficient for correcting any vastu dosha!
  • Structural changes are required for vastu remedies!
  • Vastu will work only for Indians, not for other country man!
  • Ganesha on entry, Black Horse shoe nal or any other picture will keep vastu
  • dosha out!
  • And many illogical myths, etc.
  • Vastu Pyramid

    Pyramid is also known as Pyra-in-mid, means Fire in the middle. If Pyramid placed at right place,

    Brass Kuber

    Kuber is also called as Yakshraj Kuber. He known as the Lord of Wealth and guardian of all the tr

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